Race Director Guidelines for Women’s Racing

Guidelines for Which Categories to Offer:

  • State Championship Events:  Offer 3 categories (cat 1 /2 race, cat 3 race, cat 4 race). 
  • Established Race:  If the race has a history of more than 20 women attending (for cat 1-3), offer 3 categories (cat 1 /2 race, cat 3 race, and cat 4 race).  If history shows less than 20, offer 2 races (cat 1/2/3 race and cat 4 race).
  • New Races:  Offer 2 races (cat 1/2/3 race and cat 4 race)
  • Cat 4 Rule:  For ALL races, Category 4 racers should always have their own race regardless of attendance.  

*When raced together as a 1/2/3 field, the field should be scored as a whole for prize money purposes.  However, for the purpose of submitting the races to MBRA category 1/2 racers and category 3 racers should be submitted separately.


Other Requests / Suggestions:

  • When racing the category 1/2/3 fields together, please offer a different race number series to the Category 1/2 racers from the Category 3 racers, so the racers can easily distinguish who they are competing against in their category.  For example, the Category 1/2racers would be a 100 series, and the Category 3 racers would be a 200 series.
  • Large cash primes/purses for women’s racing  are greatly appreciated and effective for motivating women to race and increase attendance, including drawing in out of state teams.  Thank you!
  • Have the hosting team for the race offer a course “pre-ride”/clinic before your event  to help promote your race and also to help make the course seem less threatening to new racers.  These have been very effective in the past to encourage cyclists to give racing a try.

Partner with Women’s Racing to Market Your Event

  • Utilize our e-banner that can be placed on your race registration webpage and event flyer to denote that your race is included and supports women’s racing and the women’s race series.  Contact Kathy Everts for more information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you again for your interest and support of women’s racing!