The Yellow Line Rule started in Michigan . . . sort of.

We can credit K.I.Sawyer with creating the highway center line and, by extension, the yellow line rule that we all must observe during our road races.


(As you can see on the sign, Sawyer basically took credit for the idea of his underling. Isn't that always the case?)
The yellow line rule is just one of many rules in the rulebook designed to keep riders safe on the roadway. It's one of the easiest to violate accidentally and probably the most dangerous. It's also one of the harder ones to enforce for an official who is riding in the passenger seat of a follow vehicle. Sight lines are limited. Depth perception is challenging. And distractions with other aspects of the job make it difficult, which is why they rely on the collective eyeballs of the peloton to self-police itself.
Don't be that rider who takes advantage of this hard-to-enforce rule. Never cross the yellow line to advance your position. And always keep in mind the danger of oncoming traffic for yourself and your fellow competitors. Even if you don't cross the line, your riding may force others out into the opposing lane. 

Making it to the finish safely should be your ultimate goal. 

In the meantime, be proud of the fact that the YLR has its roots in Marquette County, Michigan in 1917. 

Did you know...?

You will receive a fine for presenting your bib number incorrectly (that is, pinning it on upside down or in an incorrect position) during the Tour de France, but the number 13 is actually exempted from this rule?

Not exactly sure where the tradition of pinning #13 upside down started, but it also applies to team cars in the caravan which are numbered according to their riders' position on GC. 

Tony Martin, during the recent Tour de Suisse, wore #13 right-side up and lost that race on the last day to Rui Costa.

State Champions Crowned

Here are your 2014 Michigan Road Race Champions

as decided at the Maple Hills Race for Wishes 
in Lawton, MI on 12 July 2014

Pro-1-2 Men Nate Williams - Bissell - ABG - Giant
Cat. 1-2 Women Dori Leib - Wolverine Sports Club
Cat. III Women Marie Dershem - OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
Cat. III Men Alex Huyghe - Team O2
Cat. IV Men Eric McBride - Wolverine Sports Club
Cat. IV Women Andrea Merlotti - Ann Arbor Velo Club

Jr. Men 9-10 Gavin Wilmoth
Jr. Men 11-12 Pieter Boer - Louis Benton Racing p/b Verify Valid
Jr. Women 11-12 Kiersen Korienek - LeadOut Racing
Jr. Men 13-14 Alex Morton - West Michigan Coast Riders
Jr. Women 13-14 Claire Reeves - Speed Merchants
Jr. Men 15-16 Andrew McBride - Wolverine Sports Club
Jr. Men 17-18 Kyle Bonsack - Wheels in Motion
Jr. Women 17-18 Heidi Schwab - Hagerty Racing

Masters 65+ Mike Krywanski - OAM NOW / Athletic Mentors
Masters 60+ Bill Gilboe 
Masters 55+ Fred Anderson - CFT Cycling Team/TNR Cycling Club
Masters 50+ Houston Peterson - NorthStar Development
Masters 45+ Rob Daksiewics - Lathrup Industries Cycling Team
Masters 40+ Bruce Rivera - Lathrup Industries Cycling Team
Masters 35+ Aaron Vande Wege - Speed Merchants

Cat. V Men U34 Charlie Eaton
Cat. V Men 35+ Andy Louwaert

Congratulations to all of the podium winners! And a huge thank you to all of the racers and families, promoters and sponsors that made this one of the largest State Championship events we've seen in a long time. 

Please forgive any mistakes. Contact us privately, and we'll fix them.

Two Easy Things to Make the Sport Better

1. Work on your bike handling skills.
2. Recruit young riders. 
Our hats off to those clubs who actively keep their skills sharp. No matter how long you've been riding, you can always get better at handling the bike. Thanks go out to the Team OAM-NOW riders who conducted a clinic in Kalamazoo. It was well-attended by about 50 participants. Good bike skills will help you avoid the crashes that scare people away from this wonderful sport.
Our hats are also off to those teams who are cultivating future racers. The sport appreciates anyone who helps attract new riders, teach skills, teach rules, and teach the ettiquette that will ensure the growth of the sport. Big thanks to the Andrie Inc Jr Devo, Wolverines Sports Club, and a few other families who took all those Junior riders to Madison and gave them the Nationals Experience.
If your Club/team is doing things to improve skills and recruit young riders, send us your pictures. We'll give YOU a shout out, too!


Cameron Robertson and Ray Dybowski working on their skills on the Campus of Cranbrook during the regular Skills Ride. 

Tonight's Waterford Race 6/18/14

Due to incoming severe weather conditions the Waterford Wednesday Night Words Race Directors are CANCELLING tonight's race

West Branch Criterium Course Change

Dear Racer,


Due to unforeseeable circumstances the West Branch Criterium location has changed to the Fox Hills Estates.  If you are familiar with the West Branch race you will recognize to course from last year.   This course is an empty subdivision featuring wide open twisting roads, two hard turns, and a slight downhill finish.


Exact GPS Coordinates of the “New Course” are: 44.272738, -84.212887

Directions to the “New Course” from the airport may be found here:


Once again, I am sorry for the inconvenience.  I look forward to a fast and safe race tomorrow at the Fox Hill’s course.


Blaine Benson

West Branch Classic Race Promoter



Le Tour de Mont Pleasant TT Start Times!!

tower2Click the links below to download the start time lists for Friday, June 6th, 2014;


Start_List_by_Alpha.pdf and Start_List_by_Time.pdf 



Last Call for Mont Pleasant

Registration for le Tour Mont Pleasant is closing at 5pm today (Wednesday, June 4th). This is an earlier-than-usual deadline for registration due to the TT on Friday evening. 

This is a three day event, but you don't have to race all three. You can race your favorite and spectate at the others. 
This event is well supported by the community. The courses are well marshaled. And there's food. What else do you need? 

A Yooper is USPro Champion

In case you missed it, your new USPro Road Champion, is from Michigan's U.P. and got his start at the Superior Bikefest. 
Congratulations, Eric Marcotte! 
Yah, you betcha, eh?

Only a few days left...

Register today for the Tour de Mt Pleasant!
The ONLY 3-day MBRA racing event!
Registration closes on Wednesday June 4th at 5:00 PM EST
$18,900 purse! Top Level Omnium awards and payouts!

For more information go to:
Get your European style racing on!

Other weekend events:


Craft Beer Festival. Downtown Inside the Crit course! Starting at 4:00 PM.


Mt. Pleasant Summer Festival. Fun for the whole family!

Friday Night


Twilight Prologue
4 miles, 3 turns, Fast and Technical!


Downtown Criterium Saturday the 7th with honest elevation and signature roundabout!


County Wide Road Race Sunday
109 mile road race for Men Pro, 1 and 2, 63 mile road race for women Pro 1/2/3, 53 miles for all other races.