MI Senate Committee Hearing on Vulnerable Roadway User Legislation

As some of you may be aware, on Tuesday September 20th at 3 pm in room 110 of the Billie Farnum Building (corner of Capitol & Allegan) the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee is planning on taking testimony on 5 bills dealing with vulnerable roadway users. 

Two of the bills stiffen penalties for injuring a roadway user (Senate Bills 1029-1030), two of them establish a 5 foot passing rule (one for passing on the right and one for on the left (SBs 1076-1077)) and one to require a minimum of three hours of vulnerable roadway user instruction in the Michigan Driver Education Program (SB 1078).


I told you that to tell you this: If you're schedule allows, COME TO THIS HEARING. You don't need to speak -you can if you like and if there's time- but a strong showing by whom the bill affects will only help drive home the point to legislators that this bill is important to us and we are paying attention to it. 


Ever heard the phrase, "decisions are made by those who show up"? I can tell you firsthand this is true. 


The board of directors will be submitting a letter of support on behalf of CFT/SDL. A draft of the letter is attached; please consider personalizing this draft and submitting a letter of your own, and share it with others who have a stake in this with encouragement to do the same. Going on record is documentation of showing up.  


For those of you that don't know, for the last 10 years I've worked in the Michigan House of Reps. and I can tell you it is noticed and remembered when a large number of people come to a hearing to support or oppose the bills being considered.


If you'd like to take a look at the bills that are being considered next week, to go http://legislature.mi.gov and in the box that says "Bill Number" search for 1076, 1077, 1078, 1029, 1030. One at a time.

The League of MI Bicyclists has extended an invitation to the team to a coffee hour hosted by LMB and Senator O'Brien (she’s a main sponsor of the bills and is from the Kalamazoo area) office ahead of the hearing. The reception will be held in the conference room on the 8th floor of the Farnum building at 2 pm. If you are able to make it, please let me know so I can let the LMB know who to expect.


Thanks to Mark Lawrence and Steve Smith for compiling this information.